How To Extract URL From A Website

How To Extract URL From A Website

How To Extract URL From A Website

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Concentrate URLs from the site is utilized much of the time, producing a sitemap from a site URL is one of them. You can without much of a stretch get all URLs from a website page utilizing PHP. Here we'll give short and basic code pieces to remove all URLs from a site page in PHP.

The following PHP code gets every one of the connections from a website page URL.
The capacity is


used to get site page content from URL.
The brought website page substance is put away in a

$urlContent variable.

Every one of the URLs or connections is removed from page HTML substance utilizing DOMDocument class.
 All connections will approve utilizing


 before return and print in the event that it is a substantial URL.


You can use it for personal or commercial projects. You can't resell it partially or in this form.


Create Date : May 14, 2020

Updated Date : May 14, 2020


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